- Live set on 090707 at Dangerous Curve -

featuring Danny Frankel, Addi Somekh, and Rick Potts

Danny Frankel is an esteemed, technically proficient and prolific drummer/percussionist for the likes of Rickie Lee Jones, Lou Reed, Marianne Faithfull, Laurie Anderson, Victoria Williams, Jewel, Fiona Apple, Bo Diddley, The Rentals, Flying Karamozov Brothers, Bebel Gilberto, Lucious Jackson, Mark Olson, Michael Penn, Don Cherry, Brazaville, Abby Travis, Kid Congo Powers, Beck, Jim White & more.... Some of his earliest recognition was as a member of the underrated Urban Verbs, a Washington, DC, based new wave act (1978-84) which also featured Roddy Frantz (vocals), Robin Rose (synthesizers), Robert Goldstein (guitar) and Linda France (bass). Their first demo sessions were produced by Brian Eno. A first album for Warner Bros. Records was produced by Mike Thorne (Wire.)

Addi Somekh is recognized as one of the most innovative, prolific and well-traveled balloon artists in the world today. A self-taught balloon twister, his style incorporates improvisation, abstract design, and comic delivery, culminating in custom-made headdresses that have an uncanny ability to reflect the wearer's personality. Addi's balloon hats have taken him around the world, as he traveled to 34 countries with photographer Charlie Eckert, making hats for people for free and photographing them, in a kind of rolling investigation into the universal nature of laughter. Their travels resulted in the book The Inflatable Crown ( 2001, Chronicle Books), three wall calendars (2002-2004), and the documentary film Balloonhat (2005, directed by AG Vermouth). Addi is proficient in the balloon bass, a one string, 3-1/2 octave all- latex instrument, creator of the balloon drums, performs in Unpopable, a duo with electric guitarist Henry Bermudez snd is producer of the Balloon Drum Duets album featuring respected jazz drummers Danny Frankel and Kenny Wollesen.

Multi-instrumentalist Rick Potts is a founding member of cult influential experimenters Los Angeles Free Music Society in the mid-70s. Potts has been active in the L.A. area since then, and his involvement in recording and performing with LAFMS unit, Le Forte Four, lasted through the early '80s. In Le Forte Four, he played electric guitar with an electric toothbrush and other implements, in addition to playing saxophone, xylophone and musical saw. In 1982, Potts formed experimental ensemble Dinosaurs with Horns with analog synthesizer and samplist Joseph Hammer (both later show up on Danny Cohen's 1999 Tzadik release). In the mid-80s, Potts also became involved in Steaming Coils (with Medicine's Brad Laner) and Debt of Nature. In 1992, he formed Solid Eye with Hammer and ex-Monitor Steve Thomsen.

Danny Frankel - drums
Addi Somekh - balloon instruments
Rick Potts - hinge-neck guitar
Nate Cole - drums
Guy Pinhas - upright bass
M - altosaxophone

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